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Lost Premier

So tonight I went down to Sunset on the Beach to see the premier of that ABC show "LOST". Since it was the premier the actual cast was there and they were quite friendly. I kept my cool as I asked for autographs and snapped pics...behold the glory behind the cut.

This was the huge screen that everyone watches on the beach. It was great and the sound system rocked!

This was VIP seating, I seeked out Dom's seat.

The food stands...

A neat statue

Now the good stuff!

Terry O'Quinn from Alias plays Locke

Josh Holloway plays Sawyer

Maggie Grace plays Shannon

Ian Somerhalder from Smallville plays Boone

Dominic Monaghan from DUH...LOTR *squeal* looked right at me when I called his name and he was such a sweetie when giving me an autograph...YAY!

The limo that like 10 of them fit in haha


I can't contain my joy. I've been smiling ever since. The Alias guy was cool and very tall compared to and me LOL. And as I said Dom was cool *swoon* I should attend more premiers haha. Make sure you all tune it to ABC on Wednesdays to watch "LOST" at 8/7c.

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That is so awesome! I wish I were you right now, to have seen Dominic Monaghan in person or any of the cast, some of he guys are pretty Hot! Ian, Josh, and matthew fox. Talk about yum! lol, ok I'm sorr for drooling over your luck.
God you are soooo lucky! One my friends once met Ian McKellen and then met Billy Boyd a week later....I was green with envy for about 4 months...

x x x x