Cat Chatoree (musiconthewater) wrote in do_me_merry,
Cat Chatoree

Win a T-shirt Autographed by Dominic!

Hello everyone. I'm not sure if this goes here, but I think ya'll will be interested.

Some of you already know that Dominic Monaghan is the spokesperson for a group called The Last Stand, which works to preserve forests. They've just announced that they'll be having a drawing to win a T-Shirt signed by Dom as part of a fundraiser.

If you'd like more information you can go Here . It's a great chance to support a worthy cause while getting an autographed shirt! It's only a dollar per entry and the more you enter, the bigger your chance to win.

Also, if you do decide to enter the drawing, it'd be great if you could include me as the person who referred you. (YOu don't have to) My name is Amanda and my email is Thanks!

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