99_655321 (99_655321) wrote in do_me_merry,

Tee Hee

OK, I know that you're probably going to hate me for posting but I just had to. See, I'm a chick named Merry who stumbled across this community and see a little humor in the whole "Do_Me_Merry" thing...if you don't, that's fine, I understand. I know that none of you are talking about me or that anything in this community is referring to me but as I was reading the profile for the community, I pretended it wasn't about a hot Hobbit, but rather about me. Pretend that your name is Merry and maybe you'll see the humor, too. All I can say is, I read "Do me Merry" and jokingly thought, "OK." Laugh with me...Sorry to invade the community.
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